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Unpaid Wages Or Overtime?

Find out today what you could be owed – up to 4x total unpaid wages.

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Get The Wages You’re Owed – Get A Wage Lawyer Today

Wage theft is illegal. You deserve to be paid properly. Since 2013, we’ve helped over 800 workers in D.C. and Maryland win millions of dollars in relief for:

  • Unpaid minimum wages
  • Unpaid overtime wages
  • Off-the-clock work and time shaving
  • Unlawful paycheck deductions
  • Unpaid salaries, commissions, and vacation days
“Justin Zelikovitz and the DCWageLaw team will fight for you like they fought for me.”
Jose, DCWageLaw client
Gaithersburg, Md.

Wage Theft May Be Costing You – Even If You’re Salaried

Wage theft can occur when workers are not paid, underpaid, or misclassified as independent contractors:

Minimum Wage
$12.50 in D.C. $11.50 in Montgomery & Prince George’s Counties.
1.5x the hourly rate for all work over 40 hours per week.
Wage Payments
Including unpaid salaries, commissions, vacation days, & time-shaving.
“I didn’t think anyone could help me. DCWageLaw was a godsend.
Mercedes, DCWageLaw client
Fairfax, Va.
100% Confidential.
We’re Not Paid Unless You Are.

Collect Up To 4x What You’re Owed – Even From Past Employers

From day laborers to salaried professionals, we’ve helped over 800 workers win. Recent client victories include:

in relief for a domestic house worker who had been forced to work long hours for little to no pay

in relief for 5 cooks and food preparers who were not paid properly

in relief for 11 construction workers who were paid straight time for their overtime hours

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Find Out Today What You’re Owed.

Join over 800 workers in D.C. & Maryland who have been helped by DCWageLaw.

100% Confidential. We’re Not Paid Unless You Are.


“You deserve to be paid properly.
Let us fight for you!”

Justin Zelikovitz, Managing Partner

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