What is the 2023 D.C. Minimum Wage?

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D.C. has some of the most worker-friendly wage and hour laws in the nation. In D.C., a worker may recover up to 4 times the amount of unpaid wages.

What’s the 2023 minimum wage in D.C.?

As of July 1, 2023, the minimum wage in D.C. is $17.00 per hour.

The District of Columbia Minimum Wage Act is one of the best minimum wage laws in the United States. Under the Act, the D.C. minimum wage increased to $17.00 on July 1, 2023. The Act also provided for a gradual increase in the minimum cash wage to tipped employees – to $8.00 on July 1, 2023.

D.C. Minimum Wage Schedule
Effective Date Minimum Hourly Wage Tipped Minimum Wage
7/1/2016 $11.50 $2.77
7/1/2017 $12.50 $3.33
7/1/2018 $13.25 $3.89
7/1/2019 $14.00 $4.45
7/1/2020 $15.00 $5.00
7/1/2021 $15.20 $5.05
7/1/2022 $16.10 $5.35
7/1/2023 $17.00 $8.00

Who’s entitled to the D.C. minimum wage?

Many (if not most) employees in the District of Columbia are protected by the D.C. Minimum Wage Act. (See common exemptions and exceptions.)

And just because an employee receives a salary does not mean he or she is not entitled to the D.C. minimum wage! Generally speaking, if you divide your weekly salary by your weekly hours worked, you should get a number that is equal to or higher than the minimum wage.

What about D.C. overtime and wage payment laws?

See our guide to overtime and wage payment laws in D.C. for an overview of D.C.’s wage and hour laws, along with common exemptions and exceptions, and full texts of the laws.

What to Do If You’re Paid Below the Minimum Wage

If you have ever received a wage that is below the state or local minimum wage, you may be entitled to 4x what you’re owed under D.C. law.

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