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DCWageLaw is an employment law firm that has reclaimed millions of dollars in relief for D.C. and Maryland workers experiencing wage theft.

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About DCWageLaw

We do what we do for a reason: Everyone deserves to be paid properly. Period.

Our firm is made up of individuals who have devoted their careers to helping workers and the disadvantaged. Though we come from different backgrounds, speak a number of different languages, and were all born in different countries, we come together to provide the best possible legal representation to our clients.

When we take a case, it’s not just number. We understand the courage it can take for an employee to stand up to his employer, and we honor that courage by investing ourselves – personally and professionally – in the outcome.

Sometimes we have clients say to us: “My boss said, ‘Go ahead and sue me – I have the best lawyers.'” Above all else, we want that boss to find out the hard way: No, you do not.

Our practice is laser-focused on wage and hour issues in the D.C. metro region so that we can be the best at what we do. And we want to be the best, because any worker – from a day laborer to a CEO – deserves the best possible representation.

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Success Stories

in relief for a 19-year-old who worked 60 hours a week as a dishwasher at a restaurant for a flat salary.

in relief for 11 construction workers who were paid straight time for their overtime hours.

in relief for a computer programmer who was not paid for all of his hours.

in relief for a banker who was not paid commissions she had earned.

in relief for a domestic house worker who had been forced to work long hours for little to no pay.

in relief for 5 cooks and food preparers who were not paid properly.

in relief for 3 landscaping workers who were paid a daily rate.

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