D.C. auditor launches review into overtime pay at Dept. of Employment Services

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In February 2022, The Washington Post reported on a DCWageLaw case involving the overtime practices at the Department of Employment Services, where some employees in recent months have asserted they were not properly compensated for working extra hours during the pandemic:

The D.C. auditor’s probe also comes as three former DOES employees who managed the handling of unemployment claims — Andre Chisolm, Charlene Wright and Cassagnol Innocent — are suing the city, alleging that the agency failed to fully pay out hundreds of overtime hours they worked during the pandemic. According to the suit, which was filed in D.C. Superior Court by DCWageLaw attorney Justin Zelikovitz, Chisolm worked 857 hours of overtime in 2020 and 2021 but was paid at his regular rate of $40.84 per hour, rather than the time-and-a-half overtime rate.

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