D.C.’s War Over Restaurant Tips Will Soon Go National

 In Media Mentions

DCWageLaw managing attorney Justin Zelikovitz tells CityLab in this June 2018 interview that tipped-wage employees are not just people who work in fancy restaurants, or in any restaurants, period:

“I realize that when someone thinks of a tipped worker, they think of the waiter they had at Le Diplomate on Thursday night. But there’s a lot of other tipped workers in D.C.,” says Justin Zelikovitz, managing attorney of DCWageLaw, a firm that specializes in wage-hour compliance. He says he’s argued four car-wash cases in the last year: While car-wash owners are obligated to pay their (mostly African-American and Latino) employees the difference between their cash wage and the minimum wage, plenty get away with paying far less.

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