A Guide To D.C.’s Initiative 77, The Minimum-Wage Proposal Pitting Restaurant Workers Against Each Other

 In Media Mentions

In WAMU’s guide to Initiative 77, DCWageLaw managing attorney Justin Zelikovitz discusses how Initiative 77 would benefit victims of wage theft:

Employers underpay tipped workers on a regular basis, says wage-law attorney Justin Zelikovitz, either because they don’t understand the tip-credit system or they are taking advantage of its complexity. … To calculate whether a tipped worker is earning at least minimum wage, employers have to add up their total weekly earnings — including their base wage and tips — and determine whether it averages out to at least $12.50 an hour. “A lot of employers aren’t sophisticated enough to get it right,” Zelikovitz says. “It’s a system that we see employers, particularly smaller employers, get wrong time and time again.”

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