Two Wage Theft Lawyers Cash in on D.C.’s Restaurant Boom

 In Media Mentions

Washington City Paper profiled DCWageLaw managing attorney Justin Zelikovitz and attorney Jonathan Tucker about the firm and their work as wage theft lawyers at a time when the District’s restaurant industry is booming:

There’s never been a better time to run a high-end restaurant in the District—or be a lawyer who sues them. … [Justin] Zelkovitz has gone from using just a single room in a Chinatown townhouse to renting the entire building. He is one of several attorneys who have discovered that suing District restaurants over wage law violations doubles as doing good and doing good business.  Zelikovitz and attorney Jonathan Tucker … benefit from wage law violations they say can often be caused by scofflaw managers or ignorance among restaurant owners. They have more than 30 active cases, with nearly 20 others on payment plans.

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